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Want to be my Daddy?

Specializing in companionship with mature and refined gentleman who have exceptional taste, I am a 5’ 3’ exotic, busty blonde with smoldering eyes and a perfectly toned physique. I enjoy the finer things in life and find the men I prefer to be older, successful, gentlemanly and worldly.

Who doesn’t want to be #1? 

I know I do ! We all want the exclusive package when it comes to enjoying our lives whether it be a hotel,travel, restaurant ummmmm shoes etc. I have put together something NEW for that Special person . If this intrigues you then read on….


I am a genetically gifted and well preserved ,beautiful and mature woman. You could mistake me for a woman in her 30’s but with the life experience that can’t be beat.

You may already notice that I have an excellent personality and I am great company to spend time with. Unlike where you don’t know anything about the person, I have a stellar reputation that you can see and read about from my pictures to my reviews not to mention my website displays class and finesse. That poise you can be proud to be seen in public with, maybe even develop a crush on??!! The packages level out to be more economical the longer and more consistent your visits are.

If you would like to learn more about the options available for Exclusive Companionship with a Top Tier provider, “Moi, Yours Truely here”, then show your good faith and intent by sending a $150.00 Gift card and an email describing a simple description of your idea in mind. In turn I will send you a custom breakdown and what it would entail just for you or I can send you my options if you are shy or at a loss for imagination, don’t worry , that’s what I’m here for!

Some Gift card suggestions are Amazon, Sephora, Whole Foods etc.

Obviously by sending the Gift card you are serious. 

Can’t wait to hear from you!

With Anticipation……..

-Drea XO

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