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Desire Drea Stretch

Perfect Date Criteria

Please read my etiquitte guide below which is designed to make sure we have an unforgettable time together...without any awkward moments

Let's make sure we're on the same page!


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I have very few restrictions, so long as we have discussed any special requests beforehand; all I ask is that you be respectful to both myself and those around. A socialite of sorts, my pristine reputation is extremally important to me. I do not tolerate crude behavior or verbal harassment towards myself or others.


There is an old adage that "cleanliness is next to godliness".  Please conduct yourself accordingly. Please take care to shower no more than half an hour before our scheduled time together. 


A comprehensive understanding of health, safety, and consent are paramount to our mutual enjoyment. As a lady I expect to be handled delicately (i.e. no rough play) and I should never have to say "no" more than once. 

Longer Dates

Dates 2 hours or longer must include time outside our intimate sanctuary to recharge with a meal or activity...preferably all of the aforementioned . 

I am a morning person, and somewhat of an energizer bunny, but I still need to relax and unwind to maintain all of the qualities you adore about me. 


Overnights and multi day dates should include sufficient time for personal grooming and sleep.


Although I am easily entranced in the arms of a lover, I ask that you are mindful and considerate of time. Our date starts and ends at the agreed upon times. I do not watch the clock, but I do live a full rich personal life while undertaking the writing of my first book. If you would like to extend our date, please ask first and have the additional donation ready.

No review policy

While I was previously a top rated provider on several review websites, I now ask that you respect my no review policy. I found it to be distasteful towards the provider as well as towards the client. 

Small world

Since it's really a "small world after all" and by chance we run into each other while out and about, whether with friends or alone, please respect my desire for discretion. A wave from afar or a lingering gaze will suffice. 

Desire Drea Countertop


Everything is much easier when you contact me using the form on my website. I will reply within 24 to 48 hours, if not sooner, with instructions for any additional screening or deposit.


Any special requests for supplies or attire should be communicated 72 hours ahead of time no matter how small or large. You'd be surprised how difficult it can be to make my way to the nail salon to fulfill your request for red polish. Depending on the nature of your request there may be an additional financial obligation required. 


The benefaction should be taken care of at the start of our date. You should place the "infamous envelope" in clear view after we greet. If we are scheduled for a public date together, please place it inside of a nice book, gift box, or gift bag. After we exchange greetings, I ask that you allow me time to review the donation for accuracy. 

Short Date

I will cancel our date if upon arrival you appear inebriated or otherwise under the influence. The full donation for our date still applies if our date is canceled for an issue involving your conduct. 

Proper Preparation

Prevents Poor Performance

Desire Drea Showgirl
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