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About Me

I'm delighted that you found me! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I'm honored to have your attention for a few minutes or perhaps longer. Let's begin the adventure if you will indulge with me?

Drea XO

Desire Drea Window

My name is Desire Drea.


I am a one of a kind package, I promise you will not find another like me and soon to be your favorite companion. I am a rare beauty with extraordinary talents. One of the most sought after ladies in Las Vegas. The fact that I am mature is one of my assets as an Elite GFE companion, Luxury girlfriend, all rolled up into one Perfect Petite Package.


I have been described as an exotic, sensual blonde with the physique of a trained ballerina and the additional benefit of feminine curves. I have found my calling with a perfectly suited personality to provide you with the ultimate provocateur experience.

drea 3.jpg

My free spirit, warm demeanor, and natural sensuality are a harmonious fit. I have been known to capture the affection of anyone I come in contact with. My playful curiosity and infectious laugh unnerve even the iciest people. A sultry impassioned woman with an insatiable lust for life. You've met me in your dreams, but soon to become a reality. 

I have smokey almond shaped eyes and long blonde hair. I am mature and probably more youthful than many young women because of the state of my health, glowing skin and toned muscles. I am 5'3", photogenic, and have been photographed by many famous photographers from major men's magazines.

Desire Drea Behind
Desire Drea Ballet
Desire Drea Ballet

Having a single mother, we lived in shared homes and trailers. I'm proud to say I did not come from privilege as it has built me character of resilience and humility. At nine years old I was accepted into a World Class, private boarding school specializing in Classical ballet. I was fortunate enough to receive scholarships and to have extraordinary teachers. Nearing graduation, I couldn't wait to bust out and taste some freedom. And BUST OUT I did! 

You see, Ballet and Boobs...don't mix. As ballet students we were like starving Nuns with Buns in our hair. I literally couldn't wait to let my hair down, and explore the Wild side of life having been pent up in a dormitory for so long.

Drea 6.jpeg

I decided to make the most of my assets, and morphed into a sex symbol! Entering into the Exotic Dance World, I quickly rose to the top winning Miss Nude World, Entertainer of the Year (Caesars Palace), and becoming a Cover Girl Centerfold for numerous gentleman's magazines. 

I became the only Star Stripper to cross over into the main stream and headline on the Las Vegas Strip. I was inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame by the world renown Dixie Evans. 

I have a rich tapestry woven into my life of incredible experiences that I am grateful for and of which would not be found in a younger woman. My humble upbringing and boarding school education gifted me with remarkable dynamism. You will notice I have refined manners and an appetite for Luxury, however I developed class and aquired an unpretentious demeanor from my etiquette school. You will likely find me to be the most magnetic woman you have ever come across. 

Desire Drea Blue Feather
drea 16.jpeg

Between the sheets, I am fun, adventurous and I am ready to fulfil your deepest fantasies and serve as your erotic playmate. I believe that we attract like minded people.

I live my life at full throttle, and my hope is that during your time with me you'll abandon the formality and rigidity of every day life. 

Join me and let's delight in the full spectrum of what the Universe has to offer. 

Desire Drea Harley
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